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Slow Feeder Cat Bowls

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  • Feeds your cats predatory need to catch food
  • Reduces over-eating while lengthening mealtime
  • Originally designed for animal clinics
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No-slip base



  • You may need a feeding mat with a lip to keep their food from the floor
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Slow Feeder Cat Bowls

Why do your pets need the Northmate CATCH interactive slow feeder cat bowls?


Your cat needs to maintain a healthy weight and one of the best ways to slow down your kitty's munching is Slow Feeder Cat Bowls.


This unique design turns mealtime into a stimulating game. A lot of cats do not get daily mental stimulation, which can translate into a bored and chubby kitty. This amazing cat bowl invigorates and arouses your cat’s natural instincts and their need to catch food with their paws.


The end result, your cat will be happier and leaner. Wow, not a bad deal  The fun design will turn the cats' meals into a fun interactive forest maze adventure with the smoothly rounded spikes and attractive design


The bowl uses a no-slip base that will keep it from sliding across the floor.


The Slow Feeder Cat Bowls creates good eating habits

Vets know that slow eating is healthy eating!


The cat bowl was originally designed to be used every day in a busy vet clinic so is durable, dishwasher safe and attractive!

It is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

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