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Neater Feeder

Neater Feeder Cat Bowl

Neater Feeder Elevated Cat Bowl

The Neater Feeder is what I will call (advanced technology) in kitty cat bowl technology.  Lol

I don’t know about your cats but when our cats eat their dry and wet, it ALWAYS ends up on a mat that the bowls sit on.  Hence, I’m cleaning particles of food off the mat/floor every day.

It’s not a huge deal but hey, I’ve got too much to do as it is and not having a daily (sometimes two or three times a day) chore cleaning up cat food would be nice.

Also when they play, for some reason the cat bowls are always collateral damage.

Here are the details on the Neater Feeder (feeding station)

It utilizes a simple design to accomplish a lot.  For example, the sides around the bowls keep the food from spilling onto the floor.

In addition, any water spillage from cats running and hitting the bowl is contained in the base of the unit.

Consequently, there are holes in the front section that allow the water to reside below and not on the floor.

Another feature is the non-skid feet, which helps stabilize the feeding station when kitties or people are getting rowdy.

4.85 Review Score
Neater Feeder cat product of the month



Reduces clean up

Dishwasher safe

Keeps water off the hardwood floors



It won't be as low profile as two bowls on the floor

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