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Kong Catnip Spray

Catnip Spray by KONG 

Catnip Spray Summary

Kong Spray is a "must have" cat toy companion product for every cat owner.  The Kong spray will enhance your current toys and play for that extra little treat from time to time.


KONG Naturals Catnip Spray is made from concentrated catnip oil for a full-on catnip experience.  The Kong oil is steam-distilled from North American catnip.


This catnip spray is the most potent catnip oil on the market.  Just spray on your favorite toys and watch the fun begin.


We use it on our cat scratchers to train new kitties to use the scratcher.  We also use it on the cat tree.


If you buy a new cat tree, I highly recommend the Kong spray to encourage a quicker introduction between kitty and tree.  Sometimes new cat trees have a "weird" smell that is off-gassing from new carpet and new cat sisal rope.


Kong catnip spray ingredients and oils come from all natural resources.

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