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Hexbug Cat Toy

The Hexbug Cat Toy

What is it?


The Hexbug cat toy is an amazing little interactive nanorobotic cat toy.  It’s designed to act like a bug and give cats a run for their money.  Trust me, your kitties will love this toy.


It runs on hard surfaces only (not carpet). Watch the videos to your right to see what the Hexbug cat toy is all about.


The unit comes with one battery.  It’s a little button style watch battery (button cell AG13/LR44) and you can easily purchase extra batteries.


It uses vibration technology to move and flip back over when your kitty knocks it over.


According to the manufacturer, keep this toy away from children under 3 years of age due to the tiny size of the toy.  I know this seems self-explanatory but the manufacturer also states; do not allow any pet to eat this toy.


Bottom line: this is a great little bug that will stimulate your furball for hours.

Check Hexbug pricing below


The Hexbug Nano is made for both cats and kids.  For cats, you can get the optional tail but you'll pay more for the additional tail.  Amazon's 5 pack is the cheapest if you want to add a few more bugs to your inventory.


1. Amazon 5 Pack

2. Amazon single bug

3. Amazon 2 Pack

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