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Catit Garden

Catit Garden Green System

Catit Garden Greens Summary

The Catit Garden aka the Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter has been designed to eliminate the mess with indoor cat grass.


If your cats are like mine, indoor cat grass was a mess. I would always catch the kitties digging in the grass and throwing dirt out of the container. With the Catit Garden, the mess is a thing of the past thanks to a unique design.

What makes it so unique?

  • Difficult to tip over due to low profile
  • Covered top allows grass to grow through the top
  • The system uses vermiculite instead of dirt


The seeds are sold separately. You will need to also purchase the Catit Cat Grass Kit (#43162).

Each kit comes with 3 pouches of seeds and 3 pouches of vermiculite.

  • Plant seeds in a clean medium and grow grass in one week
  • Cat grass stimulates a cats digestion helping to reduce fur-balls
  • No dirty hands when using vermiculite
catit grass seeds

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