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Cat vaccinations

Do you Believe in Cat Vaccinations?

(Cat and Health)

kitten about to get her cat vaccinations

Just as vaccinations for children have become a hotbed of debate, so have vaccinations for animals.  At LOVEOURCAT, we do not want to stir up the pot or take any sides but we do want to encourage our cat lover friends to educate themselves.  Furthermore, while trying to shed some light, or better, to provide a think tank for cat owners, Cat and health felt the need to address cat vaccinations.  We will give you the basics and then let you as the cat owner take over from there.

One thing we think everyone can agree on is that vaccines save lives.

According to the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners), there are core cat vaccinations every animal should have and non-core, animals.  Subsequently, non-core vaccination may have a higher risk and a multitude of different factors that are taken in to account to determine if the animal should have the vaccination.  For example, for your cat and health, if kitty is an indoor cat, never around other cats, does she need the feline leukemia vaccine?

Between us all at LOVEOURCAT, we have decades of cat ownership.

For the most part, cat vaccinations are something we have never questioned.  Were we ignorant?  Are we bad pet owners for never looking into what is contained in the vaccinations?  If you are like us, the answer to those questions is a resounding NO!  There are many diversified opinions out there.  On the contrary, you know your animal and if you trust your vet, it is only reasonable to ask about some of the new information being released and the different schools of thought.

One of the most highly regarded resources can be found at

Vet holding a cat

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to witness an animal suffering from distemper or rabies, you know there ARE vaccinations your animal needs to keep it safe.


Moreover, you would be remiss not to have puss receive vaccinations for what is obviously a source of risk. 


Cat and health and cat vaccinations go hand in hand to keep kitty from terrible, gut-wrenching illnesses.  

Does every animal need all that is recommended?

Does the vaccination come from a reputable source?  Are there any adjunct ingredients in the vaccine?  Is the animal vaccination taking place in the correct part of the body? 


We at LOVEOURCAT would hope that you never make such decisions on your own but to research different sites. 


Talk to other pet owners, formulate questions to ask your vet and make informed decisions along with the vet you have entrusted with the health of your fur-ball.  Whatever you and your vet decide, you should be able to sleep with your decision.


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