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Cat Toys Bundle



  • A Cat Toys Bundle Variety Pack that will keep the fun fresh for months
  • Toys and Treats
  • Interactive Toys that stimulate hunting instincts
  • Storage Bag
  • Money Back Guarantee



  • You are going to be picking up more toys
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Amazon Cat Toys Bundle


We have something really fun with loads of toys for pennies on the dollar.  Get your 24 piece cat toys bundle from Mibote.


Whether you are bringing home a new cat or you just feel your felines needs some fresh toys, this 24 pcs bundle will satisfy your kitties needs and then some.  In other words, everything from catnip to tunnels.


I'll break it down for you 


  1. Crinkle Rainbox Balls with Bells
  2. Tumble Cage Mice
  3. Fluffy Mice
  4. Collapsible Tunnel with hanging toys and enclosure strips
  5. Cat Teaser Wand
  6. Large catnip fish
  7. Interactive Feather Teaser
  8. Chew sticks that are made from a plant, called: actinidia polygama, which cats love, and it's safe


Needless to say, if that's not just a bunch of cat fun, Mibote throws in a storage bag and gives you a 30-day money back guarantee for any reason.  Wow!


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