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Cat Toy Laser Pointer

Cat Toy Laser Pointer by FZR

cat toy laser pointer

Cat Toy Laser Pointer

You will have hours of fun with your cats with the FZR cat toy laser pointer. You get TWO lasers with this kit.


The FZR cat toy laser has a switch that allows you to keep the laser on without having to hold the button down. This is a nice feature because your finger will get tired. Lol


This cat laser also comes with three settings; 1) laser 2) UV light to see pet stains 3) flashlight.


The FZR cat toy laser has been FDA certified safe for cats.


This toy is great for kitty exercise and mental stimulation.

4.9 Review Score image


Charge Fast

USB Charger

No Batteries

finger free button switch

3 modes: laser, UV light, flashlight

FDA certified safe for cats



Your hand may get tired 🙂

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