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My cat ignores their new cat tree?

big cat ignores their new cat tree


If your cat ignores their new cat tree....

There are two possible reasons that address why my cat ignores their new cat tree.  (A) They are timid or (B) There is an underlying health issue.  I hope that it is (A) because we can usually solve this problem.  However, we can also determine that if it is not (A) then maybe it brings us to an understanding that you need to see the vet.

Either way, we end up with a positive conclusion.  Therefore, after our training, if your kitty has difficulty climbing, I recommend that you set up a visit to your vet now.

First, let us focus on getting your cat to enjoy the climb.  Sometimes they have old resting spots and they do not want to try anything new.  Of course, we want the new cat tree to become pussycats preferred place to explore and rest, but it will take a little training.

Here is our recommendation to teach your kitty to love her new cat tree.

♥ Pick the right location.  Where does your cat like to spend most of their time?

♥ Do you have multiple casts that may dominate the cat tree?  In this case, you may need to get a second tree and place it in another location.  For example, put the second cat tree in a different room or one upstairs and one downstairs.

♥ If kitty likes to hang around you and be stroked, make sure you show these affections only when they are on the tree.  Eventually, you will be able to change this routine.  This is only for training.

♥ Love them while they are on the tree and give your full attention at this time ONLY.

♥ Reduce the amount of time he or she is given when he or she is on the ground or in their old climbing areas.  (You have probably noticed I've stressed this step 3 times | It's difficult to do at first but very important for achieving the end goal).

♥ Change the playing from on the ground to on the cat tree.  You want to create a happy connection between your cat and your premium cat tree.

♥ Bring (ALL) the cat toys to the tree and use the toys to engage kitty on the tree.  Use these toys (like a feature toy or string) to encourage her to climb.

♥ You can use cat treats strategically placed on the tree throughout the day to get kitty in a regular routine to search for treats (all while developing this positive association with the new tree).  Another trick is catnip (highly recommended) on your tree to get them engaged.  Catnip or treats will entice your full ball to engage in this new strange apparatus.


Make sure you have some extra bedding in a condo or on a perch to encourage napping.  This will continue to create a bond between kitty and the tree.


Make sure the tree is sturdy and was put together properly.  If the tree is wobbly, kitty will not trust the tree.  You may have to add some weight to the base if the tree wiggles too much.


Making the tree a comfortable place to hang out while rewarding her when she is on the cat tree will ensure that this new cat tree will be her preferred place to nap and play.


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