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The Importance of Pet Insurance for Cats

pet insurance for cats

  The article was written by Lisa Fimberg   When you bring a cat into your home, it can be such a great addition to your family. Whether you have a home filled with children or even are just living on your own, a cat can bring so much love and joy into your life.…

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Happy Cats and Cat Behaviors

picture of Milo on coffee table looking happy

How to ensure happy cats and create a happy home! Milo & Otis are brothers.  They’ve been together since kittenhood; they’ve eaten out of the same bowl, they both were neutered together and now Milo and Otis hiss and yowl at each other.  Bad kitties!  Don’t be like Milo & Otis!   Memes are funny…

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Before you Buy a Cat Tree

before you buy a cat tree logo

CAT TREE CHECKLIST   Before you buy a cat tree …….we will suggest several things to consider when purchasing a tree.  1) Cat tree designs – is it designed well so your cat will actually use it.  2) Personality – You need to find a tree that fits your cats’ personality and age. 3)Sturdy and well made -…

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Cats and newborns

cats and newborns sleeping

Cats and newborns will cover: 1)    Safety questions 2)    Steps to take before and after your baby arrives home 3)    Debunk wives tales – Will a cat hurt a baby or do cats smother babies? 4)    Introducing a cat to a new baby   Some of the old wives tales regarding cats and newborns…

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My cat ignores their new cat tree?

cat ignores their new cat tree

  If your cat ignores their new cat tree…. There are two possible reasons that address why my cat ignores their new cat tree.  (A) They are timid or (B) There is an underlying health issue.  I hope that it is (A) because we can usually solve this problem.  However, we can also determine that…

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Tall Cat Scratching Posts

picture of a tall cat scratching post with cat stretching

BEST Tall cat scratching posts review and why you need one Note:  We used to buy the cheap scratching posts and replace them every year until we tried the Smart Cat Ultimate.   1) See review below on the ultimate tall cat scratching posts. 2) How tall should a scratching post be? 3) What is the…

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Bringing A Shelter Cat Home | Cat Prep Kit

bringing a shelter cat home

(Owners Manual) For your new cat or kitten Download or print the Cat Prep Kit below Below you will find the steps we have laid out to help you prepare for bringing a shelter cat home. Click on sections 1-6 for quick access to the content or just scroll down   1) Items you need…

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Cat Sisal Rope vs Carpet

cat sisal rope on a cat scratcher

Last Modified: [last-modified] Let’s talk about Cat Sisal Rope vs. Carpet Cats love to scratch things. Furniture takes a bit hit if you do not have a dedicated scratching material for Mr. Pussycat.  Scratching is good for your cat mentally and more importantly, it keeps their claws groomed.  Therefore, here are the scratching material options:…

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