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Heat Exhaustion In Cats


If you do not have air conditioning, you might be fretting about your feline getting heat exhaustion. There may be a flurry of concerns going through your mind: What will take place while you’re gone throughout the day? There are some things you can do to keep your house cool enough for your feline friend.…

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Should I declaw my indoor cat?

should I declaw my indoor cat

Are you Asking: Should I Declaw my Indoor Cat? (Cat and Health) Should I declaw my indoor cat?  To declaw or not to declaw, that is the question.  I think most all cat owners already know that if your cat is an outdoor cat or even an indoor/outdoor cat, kitty needs their claws for hunting…

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Signs of a Happy Cat

signs of a happy cat

10 Signs of a Happy Cat (Cat and Health)   You may think so based on the love you give your furry friend but we will give you 10 signs of a happy cat to analyze and determine if your cat is happy.    This guide will help you determine if there are any issues…

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Bringing New Cat Home

bringing new cat home picture

Steps for Reducing Friction between Cats and Important Steps when Bringing New Cat Home (Cat and Health) Pam Johnson-Bennett original article   This article is part of a group of articles that we are calling the Pam Johnson-Bennett Series.  Pam Johnson-Bennett is a cat behavior expert that is probably the most famous and sought after…

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Cat vaccinations

little cat getting cat vaccinations

Do you Believe in Cat Vaccinations? (Cat and Health) Just as vaccinations for children have become a hotbed of debate, so have vaccinations for animals.  At LOVEOURCAT, we do not want to stir up the pot or take any sides but we do want to encourage our cat lover friends to educate themselves.  Furthermore, while…

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Cat Obesity Problems


Are you Dealing with Cat Obesity Problems? (Cat and Health) Just like their human counterparts, cats have health issues that can be preventable or quickly recognized and diverted by their humans.  Your kitty cannot talk to you to tell you what is wrong so a lot of times, it’s up to you as a responsible…

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Help a Timid Cat

picture of a timid cat

How to Help a Timid Cat (Cat and Health) Part of the Pam Johnson-Bennett Series The information below looks at one aspect of Pam’s article.  We recommend that you read her article “Helping a fearful cat”. (Pam Johnson-Bennett is a world-renowned feline behavior expert. Her best-selling books, including Think Like a Cat, address many day-to-day issues…

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