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Best Cat Drinking Fountain

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain filter view
Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain cat drinking


  • 3 different water settings
  • No bowl for the water to pool in and a triple action filter the keeps the dirt and food particles out of your kitty's water.
  • Small energy-efficient pump. Made of BPA-free materials
  • It’s a breeze to remove and re-attach the flower to increase or lessen the bubble flow when in the "bubbling top" mode.



  • Larger than a small cat bowl
  • Uses electricity
  • you will need to buy filters
4.9 Review Score image
Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain front view

Catit Flower Best Cat Drinking Fountain

If you are looking for a drinking fountain for your cat, let me tell you about the best cat drinking fountains I found in my research.


Treat your kitties to a fantastic drinking solution that provides a fresh stream of filtered water 24 /7. The cool design of this self-watering kitty fountain sounds like a babbling brook.


You’ll enjoy the three water flow options which allow you to change between a standard flow, a gentle flow or a bubbling top flow.


No more static water with the Catit Flower Water Fountain. Consequently, kitty will experience a constant flow of clean fresh water that goes through a triple action filter to remove debris and calcium.


Most other fountains have a debris bowl that collects and recycles. But, not with the Catit unit, the debris is filtered out so the kitty gets a constant stream of fresh water.

Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain flow view

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