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pet insurance for cats

  The article was written by Lisa Fimberg   When you bring a cat into your home, it can be such a great addition to your family. Whether you have a home filled with children or even are just living on your own, a cat can bring so much love and joy into your life.…

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picture of Milo on coffee table looking happy

How to ensure happy cats and create a happy home! Milo & Otis are brothers.  They’ve been together since kittenhood; they’ve eaten out of the same bowl, they both were neutered together and now Milo and Otis hiss and yowl at each other.  Bad kitties!  Don’t be like Milo & Otis!   Memes are funny…

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should I declaw my indoor cat

Are you Asking: Should I Declaw my Indoor Cat? (Cat and Health) Should I declaw my indoor cat?  To declaw or not to declaw, that is the question.  I think most all cat owners already know that if your cat is an outdoor cat or even an indoor/outdoor cat, kitty needs their claws for hunting…

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little cat getting cat vaccinations

Do you Believe in Cat Vaccinations? (Cat and Health) Just as vaccinations for children have become a hotbed of debate, so have vaccinations for animals.  At LOVEOURCAT, we do not want to stir up the pot or take any sides but we do want to encourage our cat lover friends to educate themselves.  Furthermore, while…

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Are you Dealing with Cat Obesity Problems? (Cat and Health) Just like their human counterparts, cats have health issues that can be preventable or quickly recognized and diverted by their humans.  Your kitty cannot talk to you to tell you what is wrong so a lot of times, it’s up to you as a responsible…

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