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Slow Feeder Cat Bowls

show-feed-cat-bowl-featured image

Amazon PROS Feeds your cats predatory need to catch food Reduces over-eating while lengthening mealtime Originally designed for animal clinics Dishwasher safe No-slip base   CONS You may need a feeding mat with a lip to keep their food from the floor BEST CAT PRODUCTS Cat Toys Bundle Best Cat Drinking Fountain Bojafa Catnip Toy…

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Cat Toys Bundle

cat-toys-bundle-Featured Image

Amazon PROS A Cat Toys Bundle Variety Pack that will keep the fun fresh for months Toys and Treats Interactive Toys that stimulate hunting instincts Storage Bag Money Back Guarantee   CONS You are going to be picking up more toys BEST CAT PRODUCTS Cat Toys Bundle Best Cat Drinking Fountain Bojafa Catnip Toy Meowfia…

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Best Cat Drinking Fountain

Catit-Flower-Cat-Water-Fountain Featured Image

Amazon PROS 3 different water settings No bowl for the water to pool in and a triple action filter the keeps the dirt and food particles out of your kitty’s water. Small energy-efficient pump. Made of BPA-free materials It’s a breeze to remove and re-attach the flower to increase or lessen the bubble flow when…

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Best Catnip Toys

Best catnip toys featured image

Amazon BEST CAT PRODUCTS Cat Toys Bundle Best Cat Drinking Fountain Bojafa Catnip Toy Meowfia Cat Bed Neater Feeder Cat Bowl Petyella Cat Carrier Catit No Dirt Grass Laser Pointer Kong Catnip Spray Petstages Cat Ball Box Yeowww Catnip Banana Cat Dancer Toy Hexbug Toy Tower Tracks Toy Bojafa makes one of the Best Catnip…

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MEOWFIA Cat Bed in colors

Amazon PROS Handmade 100% Merino Wool For cats of all sizes Safe and eco-friendly Modern Design | Cool Colors Antibacterial and easy to clean   CONS It’s too small for you BEST CAT PRODUCTS Cat Toys Bundle Best Cat Drinking Fountain Bojafa Catnip Toy Meowfia Cat Bed Neater Feeder Cat Bowl Petyella Cat Carrier Catit…

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Neater Feeder

Neater Feeder cat product of the month

Neater Feeder Cat Bowl Neater Feeder Elevated Cat Bowl The Neater Feeder is what I will call (advanced technology) in kitty cat bowl technology.  Lol I don’t know about your cats but when our cats eat their dry and wet, it ALWAYS ends up on a mat that the bowls sit on.  Hence, I’m cleaning…

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Petyella Pet Carrier

Petyella Pet Carrier

Petyella Pet Carrier Petyella Pet Carrier Summary The PETYELLA Soft side Pet Carrier has many great features (which I will cover below) Moreover, it comes with a Fleece Blanket and a collapsible Bowl. If you need to fly, this pet carrier is airline approved, not to mention it is lightweight and rated for cats and small dogs.…

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Catit Garden

Catit Garden picture

Catit Garden Green System Catit Garden Greens Summary The Catit Garden aka the Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter has been designed to eliminate the mess with indoor cat grass.   If your cats are like mine, indoor cat grass was a mess. I would always catch the kitties digging in the grass and throwing dirt…

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Cat Toy Laser Pointer

cat toy laser pointer

Cat Toy Laser Pointer by FZR Cat Toy Laser Pointer You will have hours of fun with your cats with the FZR cat toy laser pointer. You get TWO lasers with this kit.   The FZR cat toy laser has a switch that allows you to keep the laser on without having to hold the…

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Kong Catnip Spray

catnip spray picture

Catnip Spray by KONG  Catnip Spray Summary Kong Spray is a “must have” cat toy companion product for every cat owner.  The Kong spray will enhance your current toys and play for that extra little treat from time to time.   KONG Naturals Catnip Spray is made from concentrated catnip oil for a full-on catnip…

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Cat Ball Toys Box

cat ball toys box by petstages

Cat Ball Toys Box by Petstages  Summary Faux grass brings the outdoors to your kitty Jingle bell balls (aka, cat ball toys) stimulate your cat sense of play by sight and sound Cut out openings in the side create more hunting prospects Perfect for one or more cats   Petstages Grass Patch Hunting Box stimulates…

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Yeowww Yellow Stuffed Banana

yellow stuffed banana cat toy

Yeowww Yellow Stuffed Banana Cat Toy Summary Your cat will love the Yeowww yellow stuffed banana cat toy that is stuffed with organic catnip.   The banana cat toy is a good addition to your collection because it’s completely different than a visual or mental cat toy.  This toy just makes them happy.   It’s…

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Cat Dancer Products

rainbow cat charmer by cat dancer products

Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer Summary Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer is our winner and gets our June Best Cat Toys of the Month.   This great cat toy has been around for a while but it’s one of the best and simplists cat toys on the market and should be in your collection.   We…

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Before you Buy a Cat Tree

before you buy a cat tree logo

CAT TREE CHECKLIST   Before you buy a cat tree …….we will suggest several things to consider when purchasing a tree.  1) Cat tree designs – is it designed well so your cat will actually use it.  2) Personality – You need to find a tree that fits your cats’ personality and age. 3)Sturdy and well made -…

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Cats and newborns

cats and newborns sleeping

Cats and newborns will cover: 1)    Safety questions 2)    Steps to take before and after your baby arrives home 3)    Debunk wives tales – Will a cat hurt a baby or do cats smother babies? 4)    Introducing a cat to a new baby   Some of the old wives tales regarding cats and newborns…

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Hexbug Cat Toy

hexbug cat toy

The Hexbug Cat Toy What is it?   The Hexbug cat toy is an amazing little interactive nanorobotic cat toy.  It’s designed to act like a bug and give cats a run for their money.  Trust me, your kitties will love this toy.   It runs on hard surfaces only (not carpet). Watch the videos…

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My cat ignores their new cat tree?

cat ignores their new cat tree

  If your cat ignores their new cat tree…. There are two possible reasons that address why my cat ignores their new cat tree.  (A) They are timid or (B) There is an underlying health issue.  I hope that it is (A) because we can usually solve this problem.  However, we can also determine that…

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Tall Cat Scratching Posts

picture of a tall cat scratching post with cat stretching

BEST Tall cat scratching posts review and why you need one Note:  We used to buy the cheap scratching posts and replace them every year until we tried the Smart Cat Ultimate.   1) See review below on the ultimate tall cat scratching posts. 2) How tall should a scratching post be? 3) What is the…

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Petstages Tower Tracks Cat Toy

picture of pestages tower of tracks cat toy

Petstages Tower Tracks Cat Toy Amazon PROS Very sturdy and well built Balls are secured in the unit New skid pads on the bottom CONS Can slide on hard surfaces Can tip-over with aggressive play BEST CAT PRODUCTS Cat Toys Bundle Best Cat Drinking Fountain Bojafa Catnip Toy Meowfia Cat Bed Neater Feeder Cat Bowl…

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Bringing A Shelter Cat Home | Cat Prep Kit

bringing a shelter cat home

(Owners Manual) For your new cat or kitten Download or print the Cat Prep Kit below Below you will find the steps we have laid out to help you prepare for bringing a shelter cat home. Click on sections 1-6 for quick access to the content or just scroll down   1) Items you need…

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