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Adopt a Shelter Cat and make a difference

Our program and slogan are simple; "Adopt Shelter Cat". Consider adopting a shelter cat versus going to a local pet store or breeder. There are so many amazing shelter cats looking for love so please plug in your zip code to the right and check out these gorgeous cats.  You can help spread the word by promoting our "Adopt Shelter Cat" program and forward this web-page to a friend.


If you are adopting a shelter cat, we have put together a comprehensive packet for you with steps laid out to prepare you for bringing home your new furry family member. This packet includes a list of things you need prior to bringing kitty home as well as setting up your temp safe room, setting up your feeding station and much more. "Click On" the "Cat Prep Kit" button to your right.


If you’re a cat shelter or cat rescue operation please "Click On" the "Cat Shelter" button to your right.


Also, please post your comments and images below to help us help our local cat shelters. Thank you!


This app will show you some of the most lovable and amazing kitties in your area that are looking for a family.  Check it out!

adopt shelter cat named chester
adopt shelter cat named boots and penny

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