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About Us

I'm Mark and a member of the Love Our Cat team.  My family has been in the animal rescue business for years from rescuing and fostering animals, starting shelters to raising money for animal organizations.

It started with an idea of, “There have to be other people out there like us!”. Between all of us at love our cat, we have DECADES of being cat lovers, cat owners, and consumers.

Like you, we love our cats and are interested in quality products at a fair value. Henceforth, this site was developed to help you sift through the data, stats, science and customer reviews to determine the best cat trees or condos for you and your cats.

We feel that it’s important that you know that we do not have financial relationships with any cat tree manufactures so we are beholden to no one. Our reviews are based on facts and data, not emotion. If you’re interested in learning more about our review criteria by clicking here. (click here)

We will be reviewing the best cat furniture on the market in their specific price category. Cat trees or condos are the perfect piece of cat furniture to enhance the quality of life and overall health profile of your cat through exercise and play.

Our universe is large while our cat's world is relatively small, especially for indoor cats. You can greatly expand their world and happiness quotient with a quality cat tree or condo.

We will be adding more reviews soon and expanding into different types of products so please check back often. And don’t forget…we’d LOVE to hear from you!



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